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Rokland Technologies supports the US Post Office- A Call to Action

Rokland Technologies supports the US Post Office- A Call to Action

Update 8/19/20: after nationwide outcry and calls to action, the Postmaster General has announced a pause to all operational reforms. We do not anticipate this immediately speeding up mail service again, but we do hope it means the issue rate will decline over the next few weeks.

Since the beginning of August, we have witnessed something we have not seen in 20 years of business. A vast slowdown to US Mail service and a large increase in complaints of late deliveries from our customers. These problems have exacerbated the week of August 10th, after new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy took initiatives the prior week (which he termed cost-cutting measures) that resulted in a reduction of postal employee hours and the removal of mail sorting machines in some facilities.

To be clear- not every package has been affected. Many pieces are still arriving on time. It is unclear however how intermittent disruptions will be, and if this inconsistency is short term or permanent.

We understand businesses and government organizations may need to make periodic changes for financial or other reasons. But transparency to the consumer is essential. If DeJoy plans on having mail take up to a week or more to be delivered, vs. the normal 2-4 days, this transit time needs to be advertised as part of their services, so corporate customers can in turn inform their own buyers of increased transit times. Continuing to advertise fast delivery while providing service with excessive delays is not acceptable.

Why does Rokland not just use other carriers?

While we do offer FedEx and UPS options at checkout, lighter items below 1 lb (which encompasses most of what we ship) ship for $3-$5 via USPS. Reaching many customers in the USA, especially our rural buyers, may cost up to $19 via a carrier like FedEx or UPS. Simply put, not being able to offer Postal Delivery to our consumers would mean exorbitant hikes in item prices based on our shipping-inclusive pricing model.

We apologize to all of our customers for the delays this month. Note your packages have been, and will continue to be, shipped out on time. Though we cannot control US Mail transit times right now, we will continue to support you by providing tracking so you can monitor your shipping status, and taking care of insurance claims for any delivery related issues. If you are in a hurry to receive an item, and this time we suggest our FedEx 2 Day service at checkout, which is available on many items we sell starting at just $6 USD.

What else can you do?

The Postal Service should not be partisan. Whatever side of the aisle you fall on, we encourage you to contact your Senator or Congress person and tell them it is time to intervene to ensure US citizens get their mail. This affects more than e-commerce consumers- elderly citizens rely on the mail for their social security and disability checks, and many Americans also use it for employment checks, to pay bills, and much more. Approximately 90% of our nations veterans rely on mediations shipped through the USPS. Support our troops and support the USPS. 

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