Rokland Technologies will not be raising prices due to China Tariffs

May 17, 2019

As of July 2019, every product imported into the USA from China will face up to 25% in tariffs, including electronics and Wi-Fi items. This is due to President Trump's announcement of new tariffs on 200 billion dollars more in Chinese imports. This fourth round of tariffs means every product imported from China will cost more.

Some companies including Walmart and Macys have announced that prices will be going up as a result, because many of their items are made in China,

Prices on our Alfa Network Wi-Fi products will not be increasing, because Alfa products are made in Taiwan and not subject to these tariffs. Taiwan companies tend to use better quality control mechanisms and pay better wages to workers too. Keep these facts in mind when deciding between Alfa products and other WiFi products that are made in China. 

In the coming years we will also be partnering with Alfa to manufacture some items right here in the USA. Our distribution operation is already based here in Florida and more jobs are on the way.

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