ROKSPOTS by Rokland Technologies: offering US915 Helium Miners (PLUS options for EU868 & AU915)

May 03, 2022 is a new venture created by the team at Rokland Technologies, dedicated solely to Helium and IoT hotspots.

Our goal and reason for launching ROKSPOTS is to offer a site dedicated to hotspot sales and information. Launched in May of 2022, ROKSPOTS currently offers traditional Helium hotspots and will offer new light hotspots as they become available.

ROKSPOTS is currently only able to ship orders inside the USA, but we are working to expand to other countries. If you would like to place a miner order outside of the USA, please contact us to let us know what you need, or visit our partner: Panther.Global, who has EU868 and AU915 miners in stock (and you can save with coupon code ROKLT5 at Panther.Global checkout).

As always we recommend Rokland for all of your Helium antenna, coaxial cable, and accessory needs, as well as for other technologies we offer, including WiFi and 4G boosters.

If you have any questions reach out to us at or contact You can also jump into our primary live chat available at:

ll orders placed at ship from us. We are also a partner with Panther.Global. If you click on a Panther.Global link from our web site for a Panther X miner, you will be taken to the Panther.Global site to complete your order. 

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