April 08, 2014

Microsoft ending Windows XP support- what it means for your Alfa adapter

The date is finally upon us- Microsoft ended support for Microsoft Windows XP today. XP was released in 2002 as a major OS upgrade from Windows 2000. For those who have Windows XP machines that are still humming along, what this means is that Microsoft will not put out any more security updates or any other type of updates for the operating system. This will leave computers running XP vulnerable to security and stability issues.

What does it mean if you have one of Alfa Network, Inc's Wi-Fi USB adapters running on the XP platform? Not a lot. You should be able to continue using your device on any Windows XP computer as you have before. It is possible- if your system becomes unstable at some point due to a system vulnerability- that your device could stop working down the road. While Alfa is no longer releasing software updates for Windows XP- and will not do so again now that Microsoft no longer supports XP- we will continue to offer technical support for any product for which we advertise XP compatibility. However we may not be able to provide a fix if the problem is due to a stability issue in the operating system that Microsoft would no longer address.

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