Testing Antennas & Bandpass Filters: How Long to Wait

October 14, 2022

If you are adding a bandpass filter and/or an antenna upgrade to your Helium LoRa miner, of course you are doing so to earn more HNT over time. We often get feedback, positive and negative, as little as 24 hours after a new bandpass filter or antenna is installed.

A 24 hour test is too short. Instead, we suggest 5 days. Look at this graphic:

This is the 30 day history of a miner that has NO filter or antenna upgrade, and just shows random HNT earning highs and lows as normal.

If you installed a filter on day X and the filter really made no difference, it would appear like it made a huge boost 24 hours later.

But had you installed it on day Y and it made no difference, it would look like it made things worse, as the next 3 days were much lower.  The day X installer would be very happy, while the day Y installer would not be. Even 5 days may not always be enough. Look at the chart 4 days after day Y. If you installed a filter on that day, the next 5 days are all lower. 

If you aren't sure if the filter or antenna made a difference but you are earning, you can wait longer than 5 days or switch back to your previous setup and see where things go. But if you plan to make a decision based on 24 hours, the decision may be ineffective because you don't have enough data to make a determination. As always, please contact our support for any direct assistance.

It's important to note that band filters in particular are not to be hyped as big boosters that are going to markedly increase witness count or HNT. What they do is reduce noise which can increase signal reception and performance. This can lead to better performance and increased HNT over time.

The exception to the recommended test period is if activity completely stops. If your miner no longer transmits any beacons or has any activity at all after 24 hours, there may be a hardware issue.

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