The Gadgeteer on Alfa AWUS1900: Light weight but powerful

August 02, 2017

The review is in- The Gadgeteer, a popular online gadget and tech site, has taken a first hand look at the Alfa AWUS1900 quad-antenna 802.11ac AC1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter, and you can read all of their comments here.

Since launching earlier this year, the Alfa AWUS1900 has turned heads with its unique look, and its unique place in the market as a low cost USB AC1900 upgrade. If you own an 802.11ac router, especially one with three or four antennas, in addition to getting better range, the AWUS1900 will also give you improved bandwidth capabilities back to your network compared to an internal Wi-Fi card built inside a laptop or desktop.


Alfa AWUS1900 File Transfer Test

We transferred a 1.69 GB file to a network storage devices both with Alfa AWUS1900 and with a conventional 802.11n Wi-Fi card inside our laptop using a Tenda AC1900 router. With the laptop card, it took 350 seconds. The same transfer with the Alfa AWUS1900 took just 70 seconds. That went 5 times faster with the Alfa AWUS1900.

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