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This page is currently password protected due to a live presale for preregistered customers. Please check back soon. 

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The State of Rokland. Come Read.

The State of Rokland. Come Read.

Technology is an ever-changing industry. Our company has been a part of it since the year 2000. Well long before that really...

Like you, our people worked in technology in some sense long before they got here. Our founder worked on the Apple IIe in school, many moons before the days of tablets and smartphones. Our operations manager wrote programs on graphing calculators. All of us have seen cars, televisions, and Internet services evolve over time.

But some years are more evolutionary than others. 1997 was one- the rapid growth in availability of dialup Internet access and falling PC prices led to a surge in home computer purchases and Internet use.

2007 was one- Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, to record sales. Thus began a new industry of apps and social media advancement, that led to smarthome and other innovations.

2021 was another. The historic surge in the growth of Helium and other decentralized networks, combined with the rapid growth of crypto currency, have jumpstarted an entire new IoT-based industry with life altering improvements across the private sector from agriculture, to weather, to pharmaceutical storage.

Some say tech is in a winter, with crypto and stock prices declining. But winter always precedes spring, and spring is coming fast.

In the last year, Rokland experienced record growth as the leading supplier and manufacturer of Helium and IoT antennas, cables, filters, and other accessories. We forged new relationships with industry innovators like RAK, LILYGO, FreedomFi, and others. And we continued with our 15-year old relationship as North American distributor and brand partner for ALFA Network, a leading WiFi and 5G solutions provider. Together with ALFA Network, we continued supporting various WiFi demand sectors, including homes, universities, and the camping/travel industry. Our work is far from done as we have a number of new ALFA products on tap for the fall, winter, and- you guessed it- spring.

At Rokland, our focus is on innovating. The way we do that is fairly simple. We find the best new tech products focused on development- ones you can't find in your local big box stores- and we bring them to you. And when they don't exist, we work with our chain of developers, designers, and factories to make them.

Our team also includes software techs who test and improve our tech products across various operating systems and platforms, including Linux.

Beginning today, we are rolling out a series of changes to our web site to help you search and browse our expanded inventory quickly and more efficiently. In the coming months we will continue to expand our product line across different tech categories, including 5 GHz hardware and decentralized wireless products (DeWi). 

Tech is turning a corner again, and we are excited to be a part of it. We are stronger than ever, and look forward to continued expansion and development, despite the current economic headwinds. We thank you for your support over time, and as always invite your input. If there is something you need that we don't have, let us know. If we can't source it for you, we will send you some place that can.

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