Video: ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+ Hardware and Software Setup Guide

July 30, 2020

The long awaited ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+ is finally available in the USA and ready to boost your T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T Wireless 4G* signal. This is the sister product of the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2, which boosts WiFi signals. THIS model, the 4G, is not for Wi-Fi but cellular data signal boosting.

In this latest video from Rokland Technologies, your #1 ALFA Authorized Distributor and Partner in the United States, we go step by step through the hardware hookup and software setup- everything you need to do to get your activated SIM card inside the kit, boosting your 4G reception, and to share it as your own personal WiFi hotspot so other devices inside your RV or nearby can connect.

*Carrier compatibility is subject to change after the time this video was released due to our potential addition of new carriers, or the possible action where a carrier disables functionality and is no longer compatible. If you are making a new purchase, verify compatibility with us or your retailer at the time of purchase and do not rely on compatibility statements in this video which may become outdated.

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