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We accept Amazon Pay

We accept Amazon Pay

Effective today, in addition to normal credit card transactions, you can now checkout on our site with Amazon Pay!

Amazon Pay allows you to securely sign in to Amazon and complete checkout using addresses and credit cards you already have on file in your Amazon account.

Safe- your credit card details are never shared with retailers when you use Amazon pay, so you can rest comfortably knowing your information is safe.

Convenient- if you shop online at 1AM like we do, the last thing you want to do is run across the house to find your wallet and then have to type out all your address information amongst the faint glimmer of the TV. Amazon Pay lets you complete your purchase quickly without having to type out tedious address and credit card information.

We also offer PayPal checkout, and as always, you can make normal credit card payments too.

Note that PayPal is hitting merchants with yet another rate hike on November 1, 2019, that makes it more expensive for merchants to accept PayPal. After surveying our buyers, we have added Amazon Pay and may decide to phase out PayPal checkout in the future. If you like using PayPal checkout, we recommend contacting PayPal support to let them know that payment processor rate hikes lead to fewer payment choices and more expensive product prices.

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