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WiFi 7 is here...Intel BE200NGW Tri Band 802.11be card now in stock!

WiFi 7 is here...Intel BE200NGW Tri Band 802.11be card now in stock!

Wi-Fi 7, officially known as IEEE 802.11be, is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, promising significant improvements in speed, capacity, and reliability over its predecessors.

And new December 2023 at Rokland is the Intel BE200NGW Tri Band 802.11be WiFi card.

More about WiFi 7:

Wi-Fi 7 is designed to support the growing demand for wireless bandwidth,
driven by the increasing popularity of data-intensive applications such as streaming video, online gaming, and augmented reality. It is also expected to play a key role in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), where billions of connected devices will need to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Here are some of the key features of Wi-Fi 7:

    • Multi-Link Operation (MLO): MLO allows Wi-Fi 7 devices to connect to multiple access points (APs) at the same time, using different frequency bands. This can significantly increase throughput and improve performance in crowded environments.
    • Multi-Resource Unit (MRU): MRU allows Wi-Fi 7 devices to divide their bandwidth into multiple channels, which can be used to transmit data to multiple users simultaneously. This can improve the performance of applications that require low latency, such as online gaming and video conferencing.
    • 4096-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation): 4096-QAM is a modulation scheme that allows Wi-Fi 7 devices to pack more data into each transmission. This can increase the peak data rate of Wi-Fi 7 to 48 Gbps, which is nearly 30x faster than Wi-Fi 6.

In addition to these technical features, Wi-Fi 7 is also expected to include a number of other improvements, such as:

    • Improved interference mitigation: Wi-Fi 7 will use a number of techniques to reduce interference from other wireless devices, such as Bluetooth and cellular networks.
    • Enhanced security: Wi-Fi 7 will use the latest security protocols to protect data from unauthorized access.
    • Simplified setup: Wi-Fi 7 will be easier to set up and configure than previous Wi-Fi standards.

Wi-Fi 7 is a significant step forward in the evolution of Wi-Fi technology. It is expected to have a major impact on the way we use wireless networks in the future.

What about WiFi 6e?

The previous generation WiFi 6e is still being introduced in many consumer products and will remain the standard into 2025 and possibly beyong. WiFi 7 products will begin to roll out in 2024, with more adoption coming by 2025.

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