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Time has a way of moving fast in technology. New products come, other products come, and then products go just as quickly. What was tomorrow's dream becomes yesterday's clearance item.

It moves so fast, that the many of us who work in tech often don't get the chance to stop and appreciate the very technology we deal in every day. 

Early in 2021, we began getting questions about antennas for a new type of technology called Helium. It was a novel concept that offered a crypto miner for sale, which doubled as an IoT hotspot on the 915 Mhz network, designed to connect with other hotspots over long distances. The goal was to build a global network of these devices, which could be used in many IoT applications from agriculture to law enforcement departments, weather, e-commerce, and more. Pretty cool.

Here we are in mid 2022, and Helium has grown. Well that is an understatement. I mean it has really grown. We've worked with Helium antennas, cables, and miners themselves every day for the last year and half, and man, it has GROWN! Look at this graphic, which represents Helium hotspots online today: 


Those are all the hotspots online right now. All 885,749 of them, with more coming online every day. To understand what a feat this is, imagine starting a project like this from ground zero, and getting 20 other people to setup hotspots around the country. Then 100, then 1000. Then 884,749 more.

All we can say is, wow. 

The deployment hasn't been without hiccups, and in some cases sheer chaos. For as many people who have been emboldened by the growth, others have felt let down due to long hardware delays, decreasing miner rewards, and the collapse of crypto prices which has made rewards seem way less than they really are.

For those that can separate the signal from the noise, there is nothing bad going on here, only something amazing. Something- well- wow.

The ability for this network to get off the ground so fast, so far, and with such high numbers means all of the dreams of what this network could do for the people will be dreams that come true.

And the 5G deployment is just getting started this summer. It truly is #ThePeoplesNetwork and we are proud to play a small role in it.


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