ALFA AWUS036ACM Kali Virtual Box Instructions

***Tested and working method as of July 2023.***

Video Coming Soon, Place holder for video tutorial
***Make sure you have the latest version of Virtual Box downloaded HERE.***
***The Virtual Box Kali Linux image can be downloaded HERE.***
defualt user/pass ~ kali/kali

Step 1

Plug your AWUS036ACM into your computer.

Plug AWUS036ACM into USB slot

Step 2

Open the Virtual Box application and then open the settings. 
Virtual Box - Click settings

Step 3

Click the USB option.
Virtual Box USB settings

Step 4

Enable USB Controller, select USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller, and click the add USB filter icon.
Virtual Box USB Settings

Step 5

Select "MediaTek Inc. Wireless" as a USB filter.
Virtual Box USB filter MediaTek

Step 6

Click OK and then Unplug your AWUS036ACM from your computer.
Unplug ACM from computer

Step 7

Start your Virtual Box Kali Linux VM and login to Kali Linux.

Step 8

Plug the AWUS036ACM back into your computer.
Plug ACM into computer

Step 9

If successful the USB filter icon will have a red dot on it and the LED on the AWUS036ACM will not light up.
Kali linux USB filter

Step 10

You can also confirm Kali Linux is seeing your Wi-Fi USB adapter by opening terminal and typing "ifconfig" or "iwconfig".
terminal ifconfig & iwconfig

***Note - Virtual Box can be temperamental with USB passthrough at times. If Virtual Box is still not recognizing the Wi-Fi USB adapter you may need to unplug it, close out / shutdown the VM, start up the VM again then login, and then plug the Wi-Fi USB adapter back into the computer.***