ALFA R36 and Camp Pro (original WHITE version NOT Camp Pro 2/R36A) Firmware & Support Page

Setup Guide & Firmware:

Important notice: The Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 featuring Alfa R36A router was  just launched in April of 2018. There is no newer firmware for it at this time. Do not attempt to load the Camp Pro v1 firmware below on Camp Pro 2.

Wi-Fi Camp Pro Kit Instructions

R36 in Camp Pro Kit (v1) firmware vCo-2.29(7/12/2017)

R36 for AWUS036H/NH/NHR 2.32 - not for Camp Pro

R36 firmware update guide
R36 firmware update video tutorial

Alfa R36 (data sheet)
Alfa R36 (full user manual)
Alfa R36 (New 3G support list)
Alfa R36 (Resolve IP Conflict Guide)
Alfa R36 (one-sheet setup instructions)
Alfa R36 (optimizing speed)