Authorized Alfa Network Distributor & Partner

Updated April 2018

Rokland LLC is an authorized dealer and distributor of Alfa Network products. We are located in Gainesville, Florida and have represented Alfa Network, Inc. since 2007.

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Wholesale information- Government and Corporate Discounted Pricing

As the Alfa Network brand grows in global recognition, China companies have started to counterfeit popular products like Alfa WiFi networking adapters, just as they do with major brands like Nike and HP. Alfa Network, Inc. does not have any distributors in China. Sales for new Alfa items direct from China are counterfeit product. Even if you find a web site offering Alfa items for sale from the USA, we strongly encourage contacting Alfa Network, Inc. directly via their web site to confirm authenticity, as many China sellers now use USA fulfillment services. It is possible even a trusted online retailer may not be offering authentic stock. If the retailer has not properly researched their source, it could be they have unknowingly acquired counterfeit stock from someplace else. This BusinessWeek article discusses how a reputable ink and toner retailer unknowingly distributed counterfeit product.

You can be confident the Alfa products you buy from are 100% genuine because we only buy direct from Alfa, not third party distributors. Our stock comes straight from the Alfa factory and then goes straight to you. Many web sites will include an authorized statement but in fact, Alfa Network, Inc. only has a select number of authorized providers. We encourage you to contact Alfa directly to verify our company, is an authorized distributor for Alfa products. If you already own an Alfa product you can contact Alfa with your product serial number and place of purchase and they can verify for you.

Buying from an authorized dealer is important because:

  • It means your purchase is backed by a 1-year factory warranty
  • Your corporate and government purchases are more likely to be compliant with your purchasing department's standards for buying genuine stock
  • With our "Quick Warranty" program, if a problem does occur we handle it directly, no overseas shipments or long wait periods (applicable to purchases inside USA only)
  • It assures you get a genuine Alfa product with advertised specs
  • It assures you the lowest price for new stock- stock found through liquidation channels is likely to be older, may be used, and not covered by warranty
  • You get top level support from US based technicians who specialize in Alfa Network equipment


Rokland LLC is an authorized dealer and distributor of RAK & RAKwireless products since 2021. RAK manufactures a wide array of LoRa and IoT developer products as well as Helium miners, accessories, and antennas. 

The moral obligation to know what you are buying

Whether it's knockoff watches, designer handbags, or electronics, the purchase of counterfeit items is not a victimless act. The reason there is a difference in quality in brand name items vs. knockoffs is because brands like Alfa Network and RAKwireless have invested in high quality parts, control standards and processes. From the purchase of quality raw materials to the internal design and engineering of the product, good products cost money. Just because they may look similar on the outside does not mean they are the same on the inside. Brands invest in their employees to research and develop these products, and then market these products to you. Retailers that pride themselves on carrying the best products also build businesses and create jobs around the distribution of these brands.

The reason these brands become globally known and trusted is because they are good products. Word of mouth and positive reviews increase demand for these brands. Their supply chains and retailers pay workers living wages.

Counterfeit companies do not engage in these standards. They do not invest in research and development, or build companies. They simply profit. And people who buy these cheap knockoffs are left with poor quality items that do not perform.

Are you a retail store buyer?

As an authorized distributor, Rokland can provide customized bulk pricing to companies that desire to carry Alfa Network product in their stores. If you are looking for small quantity discounts, see our Wholesale page or contact us directly for a custom quote. For larger retail opportunities, please contact us directly.