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Bandpass filters reduce signal interference, especially if you are near an LTE transmitter. Bandpass filters are frequency specific and the Rokland Bandpass filter is tuned for 915 MHz. The Rokland bandpass filter uses RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female connectors allowing you to directly attach the filter to an existing Helium miner with an RP-SMA connection. Available bandpass filters mainly use SMA connectors requiring an additional two barrel adapters and thus greatly increasing dB loss. The Rokland bandpass filter is designed to directly between Helium miners with an RP-SMA connection, and a compatible cable or antenna.

Bandpass filters have significant dB loss so we recommend avoiding the use of window cables, lightning arrestors or barrel converters when using a bandpass filter.

Sell out risk is high, so we will reach out to those who expressed interest via this form before opening up for sales to the general public. Reserve your spot for our Bandpass filter release scheduled for May 2022.

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