Finestra Miner Troubleshoot and Support

The Helium Network is experiencing issues right now and is being fixed. Additionally, Smart Mimic Finestra units need to sync to the network AND download/receive the latest firmware updates from Smart Mimic before they can be found and connected to via Bluetooth and added to the blockchain/wallet.

Having installation issues? Try this:

In rare cases, users may experience an error when they attempt to install their FinestraMiner through the official Helium app. Mimiq is aware of this issue and has developed a FinestraMiner Diagnostics App to handle these cases."

It is best to connect the hotspot to WiFi for several days. Please join the Helium discord group (linked below) for latest updates regarding network, blockchain, and firmware updates. Your patience will be rewarded with a hotspot that works :-)

Depending on your internet connection and speed a hotspot can take several days to fully sync. Especially when there are chain updates (which are occurring right now). Make sure you connect it to WiFi while onboarding for at least 3-5 days.

Have you joined the Helium Discord chat? It is a great community who can help answer any other questions:

Need additional help, try these:
1) Official Finestra Miner troubleshooting documentation:
2) Have you attempted to contact Smart Mimic Suppot? see:
3) Have you tried the User guides here:
4) Have you downloaded and used the Finestra App? here:
5) Relayed hotspot?