RAK4631 Factory Reset using Mac

Plug your RAK4631 into your Mac and double tap the reset button on the RAK4631.

A drive labeled RAK4631 will appear on your desktop

*** If the drive is not appearing you may need to install the serial drivers, the instructions can be found HERE. ***

Open the RAK4631 drive and there should be 3 files within.

Next open the firmware pack and locate the following file: Meshtastic_nRF52_factory_erase.uf2

Copy and paste this file onto the RAK4631 drive.

Once complete it will likely say the device was not ejected properly, that is ok.

For the next step you will need to have already set up CLI and installed Meshtastic on your Mac. If you have not yet done so, refer to the guide HERE.

Next open Terminal on your Mac, it is usually located in launchpad —> Other —> Terminal

Next enter the following command into terminal:
meshtastic --noproto

Next you can install the latest version of firmware to the RAK4631 using the drag and drop method found HERE.