Click or tap the button to email. The average response time is between 2-6 hours during the business day. Email is good for sales and support so we can reply with download links and product links.

For ALFA Network Sales & Support
1 (667) ALFA-NET / (667) 253-2638

For Helium related inquires
1 (352) 372-9902

Phone hours 9AM to 5PM EST Weekdays.

Live chat is available from 9AM to 5PM EST Monday through Friday.

Get support and downloads for products:

Firmware & install guides for:
ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2
ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini
ALFA R36A Router
ALFA WiFi Camp Pro (original version)
ALFA R36 Router

Firmware & install guides for:
ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+
ALFA R36AH Router
ALFA Tube-U4G v2

Driver and install guides for:
ALFA AWUS036ACH, ALFA AWUS036EAC, ALFA AWUS036NEH, ALFA AWUS036NH, ALFA AWUS036NHA, ALFA AWUS036NHR, ALFA AWUS1900, Outdoor 2000mW USB Adapter, 802.11n WiFi Wireless-N USB Adapter for Apple Mac, ALFA N2/N2C, ALFA N2s, ALFA Tube 2/2HP, ALFA Tube-U(N)

Data sheets and user guides for items such as: ALFA APA-M04, ALFA AGA-2424T, ALFA AGA-2424T, ALFA AOA-2412, ALFA ALFA-2415, ALFA APA-L2414, ALFA APA-L2419, ALFA AOA-2458-59-X series, ALFA AP121 

Linux Support & FAQ

If you need Linux assistance with any product purchased from us, our YouTube channel is a great resource. We are adding new content showing how to do driver installs and updates. Or please contact us directly.

We are not able to guarantee Linux compatibility for any product, however many of our ALFA Network products do have Linux drivers. Linux is a community supported operating system and we recommend visiting various online Linux forums for advanced support. While we will be happy to share any drivers and information we have related to Linux, we are not able to offer detailed phone or email walk-through sessions for Linux. But do contact our support department. Even if we cannot resolve your specific issue, we can make note of it and work to find a resolution via future update.

Question: By posting a driver for Linux for one of your products, does this mean the product will work with my distribution of Linux?
Answer: No. We post base driver packages to be of assistance to the Linux community, but by doing so we are not making claims of compatibility with particular distros.
Question: Can Rokland support staff can help me install and configure the driver, correct?
Answer: We will do our best, but support may not be immediate. Because Linux distros are not standardized, it is not as simple as support Microsoft Windows. Individual issues often require some leg work by our techs. If we cannot resolve an issue we will reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf.