Sales FAQ & Terms

Sales FAQ and Terms

Our staff is always here to help, but kindly read through to see if your question is answered before contacting our staff.

1. I recently bought a product that's now on sale. Can I get the price difference refunded?

Deal items are based on multiple factors including inventory and current market prices, and are available only for their designated time until supplies run out. We are following Amazon's Prime Day example where discounts cannot be applied retroactively. Many of the deal items are being offered below our own cost and so we will not be able to make exceptions. Attempting to return and rebuy items under a previous order will encounter return shipping and restock fees advertised.

3. I see a similar item to something in the Sale deal, can I get the same deal on it?

The discounts are exclusive to items on the Sale page.

4. I don't need anything right now, will Rokland honor Sale prices in the future?

The discounts are exclusive to items on the sale page in the time desginated. Rainchecks will not be issued.

5. I need more QTY than the amount available for a bulk purchase, can I get the same price?

Contact Rokland support directly or bulk inventories, we may be able to offer a discount but it may not be the same as deal prices.