Shipment Insurance: what it covers

Shipment Insurance: what it covers

Lost packages, damaged items, misdeliveries, porch pirates- all potential hazards of shopping online. At Rokland, we have you covered all the way through delivery with our shipment insurance.

What does "through delivery" mean?

Delivery means transfer of the shipment from shipping carrier to your property, which includes your mailbox, physical property, or to a person at your address. 

If tracking shows your item was not delivered, or was delivered to the wrong address, your package is eligible for replacement or refund via insurance. If tracking (and the carrier) both confirm the package was delivered to your address, insurance does not cover your shipment.

Filing a claim

For Rokland to file a claim on your behalf, we need an email from you confirming the package did not arrive including your full name and shipping address. In some cases, the carrier may not accept an email and request a signed letter. If this happens, we will notify you.

Porch pirates and mail theft

If a package is delivered to your property, and is then taken by a third party, this is considered mail or package theft, and the package is not eligible for insurance because the theft occured after delivery. Mail or package theft should be reported to the carrier and the local police department. If you are concerned about this possibility, we recommend choosing a signature delivery option at checkout.

How proof of delivery is determined when you did not receive a package

Misdeliveries do occur- a package is put in the wrong mailbox but the tracking shows it was delivered. A neighbor brings it by a day later and all is well. But what if that does not happen? When Rokland opens a claim with the shipping carrier, the carrier can use time, geolocation, and in some cases photographs to determine if the package was delivered to the correct address. If they do determine this, the insurance claim will be rejected. If they determine it was not, or it is ambigous, the claim will be granted. 

In some cases, the carrier may have photo proof of delivery, but in other cases they can confirm if a package was misdelivered based on time stamp and geolocation. For apartment buildings, a signature delivery option is recommended.

When a claim is granted, Rokland can issue a refund or send a replacement. For time senstivie deliveries, please speak directly with a Rokland associate.