Why we are shifting from our Free Shipping model

Update 12/20/23: After feedback from customers, we are postponing action until sometime in Q1 of 2024. As we noted, total order prices will not be going up, they will be going down or staying the same, because we will be decreasing product prices now that shipping costs won't be built in to item prices. But we understand an announcement about free shipping going away can immediately cause thoughts of higher prices, so we will work on a better way to communciate this for the eventual rollover. 

As we hit 2024, we are looking at 24 years in business. Around 12 years ago we moved to a free USA shipping sitewide model. Most of our items were larger and heavier, and most of our orders were single item orders. To cut down on price confusion or added charges at checkout, it made sense to build the cost of shipping into the product price.

But now that we carry so many smaller and complimentary products for development- from sensors, to cables, to batteries, the model is resulting in higher total bills for our US customers.

The "free shipping" model does not offer the ability to pass combined shipping savings on to you. For example, if you buy two small items from us at $14.97 each, it may cost us the same amount to ship them together, but you are paying a built-in ship charge for each item as part of its current item price. Would you rather pay $29.94 for both items, or $9.97 for each + $5.95 total shipping?

Going forward, that item will be cheaper, and you will pay one flat rate for shipping until your total exceeds $50 USD, at which point you will have a free shipping option available at checkout.

The best news of all is that prices will be GOING DOWN sitewide. Expect lower prices across the board on smaller items like batteries, connector cables, barrel converters, sensors, and more. 

Who pays more? 

Over time, no one. We will offset the cost of lighter items so that if you just need one thing, your total plus shipping will be similar to your total now with free shipping.

Who pays less?

Anyone that is getting more than one item should see an equal or lower total cart price than before. And now we can be more competitive on small part pricing. So if you need 10 RAK sensors, you will be paying a lot less now than before.

When is this going into effect?

Beginning Thursday December 28th (update this has been postponed until early 2024), we will implement a flat $5.95 standard shipipng charge on orders under $50 USD. The reduction in item prices will begin that day and will be rolled out over the site across all parts in the coming days and weeks.