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Alfa AWUS036NHR v2 (version 2) now in stock!

Alfa AWUS036NHR v2 (version 2) now in stock!

Alfa AWUS036NHR v2, the newest long range WiFi USB adapter from Alfa Network Inc. is now in stock.

AWUS036NHR v2 features a redesigned interior that enhances quality and functionality. Use it to get much better Wi-Fi range on your desktop or laptop PC. No built-in Wi-Fi card is required, this is a standalone Wi-Fi receiver. Featuring a high end Realtek RTL8188RU chipset, Alfa AWUS036NHR has markedly improved receive sensitivity compared to its predecessor, model AWUS036NH. If you have been holding out on upgrading your 802.11g standard Wi-Fi adapter or your store-bought basic power 802.11n adapter isn't getting it done, now is the time to end the holdout. Alfa's AWUS036NHR combines the fast speed of 802.11n with long range reception for both 802.11g and 802.11n WiFi standards.

Now includes Windows 8 install software on CD

AWUS036NHR will work with any computer that has an available USB port and Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. It ships with a Linux driver, but this driver comes with no warranty or support. Linux is a user supported operating system and at this time we do no have install guides for specific Linux installs. We recommend searching online using the chipset name RTL8188RU to find out if this is compatible with your Linux distro.

This works on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets running Windows 8 (requires driver download) but does NOT work with Windows Surface RT tablets or other tablets/laptops running Microsoft Surface RT, which looks like Windows 8 but is actually a locked down version of Windows that does not support 3rd party drivers.

3 comments on Alfa AWUS036NHR v2 (version 2) now in stock!
  • Kev Harrison
    Kev Harrison

    The newer drivers offered when used in conjunction with the 036NHR V2 really don’t have the same range or power output comparable to the older 1012.1.1.0131.2011 drivers, and the signal strength is all messed up and worse which can be verified by turning on the debug mode tab vs checking against 1012’s.

    March 22, 2014
  • John Schiller
    John Schiller

    Will the AWUS036NHRv2 be able to pick-up the signal from my stand alone mobile Hotspot and amplify the signal into my computer. I current receive a 4G signal but it is only one bar. and sometime this is not enough.

    March 08, 2014
  • Kev Harrison
    Kev Harrison

    I’m in need of some clarification as to which is the correct V2 model’s driver to use.

    It says the NHR v1 is not compatible with the V2 models drivers, but it also appears the V2 model cannot use the V1 drivers either. None of the drivers shipped in the box with the V2 model work correctly without the signal strength indications being severely messed up. Only the 2011 drivers found at ALFA show signal strengths correctly.

    The drivers linked at the ALFA site for the newer 2013 V2 model NHR, point to drivers from 2011 for a V2 model devoid of any Windows 8/8.1 support.

    Whereas drivers available at ALFA for the original V1 NHR go up to 1024.6.1016.2013 including Windows 8.1 support (UI 1.00.0235). However these do not operate correctly on the V2 model.

    You would have thought a newer 2013 model would have newer drivers than the V1 that work correctly out of the box. I’m confused.

    January 13, 2014
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