Now available- Alfa R36 USB-enabled Wi-Fi router for use with AWUS036H

November 21, 2011

This may just be the coolest product ever made by Alfa Network. Have you ever wanted to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from far away? Well of course, who hasn't. And Alfa has their AWUS036H 1000mW USB adapter for that very purpose. But have you ever wanted to have all of your Wi-Fi capable devices- like your iPhone, iPad, wireless printer, TiVo DVR, and laptop- all connect to a Wi-Fi signal far away? Perhaps you're living in an off-campus apartment and you already own an AWUS036H from Alfa. That lets your laptop easily pick up the campus Wi-Fi network, but it doesn't do any good for those other devices, putting you in quite a fix.

Exit fix, enter R36. The R36 is a new USB-enabled wireless router from Alfa Network, Inc. that allows you to attach your AWUS036H Wi-Fi adapter from Alfa directly to the router itself. Then you can scan for and connect to far-away networks using the admin utility built into the R36. This creates a new local Wi-Fi signal right in your room so all of your Wi-Fi capable devices can pick it up. Think of the R36 as a normal Wi-Fi router, but instead of using a cable or broadband DSL modem as the Internet source, it uses the Wi-Fi signal detected by the AWUS036H as the Internet signal. The R36 then repeats this signal around you as a new signal. The base package does not include an AWUS036H Wi-Fi receiver, but we do have this special kit that includes both.

Alfa's R36 can also be used with Alfa receiver models AWUS036EW and Tube-U(G).



yvm_22 said:

I’m really interested in buying both items(Alfa R36 USB-enabled Wi-Fi Router + AWUS036H) Now I have a question that would decide whether I buy it or not. Once I hook up both will only my wifi ready devices get the internet acces or can I also connect any wired devices to get internet, for example like my pc that is not wireless ready, via wire? If it does connect through ethernet cable to deliver internet access, how many wired devices can I connect then?? Thanks for your time guys!


SLAVA said:

I want to buy alfa router r36, I live in KIEV, possible delivery in Ukraine and how to pay and received?

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