Now available- 3m and 9m RP-SMA antenna extension cables

May 08, 2012

We have expanded our line of antenna extension cables to include both shorter and longer options.

First up is our new 3 meter (10 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable. With LMR-200 equivalent shielding, it is perfect when you need just a little bit of extension.

Our second new addition is our 9m (30 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable, also with LMR-200 equivalent shielding. We do currently carry a 10m LMR-400 shielded cable, and definitely recommend that thicker shielding for lower gain antennas. Our 9m LMR-200 option is a great value for very high gain antennas. We also carry a 5m LMR-200 cable.

Remember, as the length of the cable gets longer, the actual signal gain from the antenna decreases. Our low loss shielded cables limit loss, but we always recommend getting as close as possible to the length you need to further minimize gain loss. If the distance you need is 11 feet, move your computer a foot if you can and go with our 3m (10 foot option) instead of a 5m or 9m option.

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