September 01, 2014

New product: Alfa APA-M25 dual band 2.4/5 GHz directional panel antenna (802.11ac compatible)

New this week on is Alfa APA-M25, a 10 dbi dual band 2.4/5 GHz directional Wi-Fi antenna with RP-SMA connector.

This is compatible with many of our Alfa Wi-Fi USB adapters, including the new 802.11ac standard AWUS036AC model from Alfa.

We have the antenna for sale by itself, and also bundled with a magnetic mount antenna docking base + 3ft extension cable.


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March 09, 2013

New Alfa outdoor WiFi antennas this month...

Spring is in the air...unfortunately so is a lot of WiFi radio interference. As more homes make use of WiFi technology, airwaves get crowded with signals and activity. Your neighbors' activity can even impact the WiFi speed in your own home. If you plan to travel in the near future, this is the time of year when RV parks and marinas begin to fill up with families taking trips for spring break. Just as a crowded room impacts your ability to hear somebody talking on the other side, a crowded RV park impacts your ability to receive the park's WiFi signal.

This season, consider an Alfa outdoor WiFi antenna for use with a high powered WiFi receiver. This month we have three new outdoor WiFi antennas available. The Alfa AGA-2424T is a 24 dBi directional parabolic grid antenna with the high gain you need to cover great distance. The AOA-2412 from Alfa is an omni directional 12 dBi antenna perfect for boating and RV use. Alfa's AOA-2409TF is a low-cost entry level outdoor antenna featuring 9 dBi of gain. It is perfect for direct connection to outdoor USB receivers like Alfa's Tube-U series.

Not sure what you need? Need assistance choosing an antenna cable or connector? Contact our sales and support staff Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM EST.

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June 16, 2012

Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment

Rokland is your headquarters for outdoor Wi-Fi receivers and antennas. Whether you have a boat, an RV, or are looking for long range coverage over land, we have a solution for you. We carry a wide array of high powered outdoor Alfa USB adapters, cables, and of course outdoor antennas. If you are looking for a mobile item to take with you on a plane ride, see some of our portable options here.

Omni-directional antenna solutions: Our 8 dBi and 15 dBi gain outdoor omni-directional antennas are both great options for any outdoor need. They concentrate gain in a 360 degree horizontal pattern and are ideal for picking up signals in any direction. Mobile craft like boats and RVs are ideal places for mounting an omni-directional antenna.

Directional antenna solutions: Our 10 dBi panel and 16 dBi yagi outdoor directional antennas concentrate gain all in the direction they are aimed. This helps penetrate obstacles and interference in that direction. While directional antennas can be used on boats and RVs, they are ideal for fixed location mounting. An example would be attempting to cover the long distance between a main building and an out building. The directional antenna can be mounted outside the out building and aimed toward the signal broadcasting from the main building.

Outdoor receivers and all-in-one solutions: Alfa Network Inc. makes a great outdoor Wi-Fi receiver series called Tube-U. With 802.11g and 802.11n models, the Tube-U line has an N-male connector and can be connected to any outdoor Wi-Fi antenna with an N-female connector. We have special kits which give you a Tube-U receiver and an 8 dBi omni or 10 dBi directional panel antenna.

Antenna extension cables: In most cases you will need an extension cable to run between your indoor Wi-Fi receiver like Alfa AWUS036H and your outdoor antenna. We carry antenna extension cables of different length and with different connector types. We also have pigtails and connectors. See our Cables & Pigtails section or contact us by visiting our Support page if you need assistance choosing the right cable or antenna.

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May 08, 2012

Now available- 3m and 9m RP-SMA antenna extension cables

We have expanded our line of antenna extension cables to include both shorter and longer options.

First up is our new 3 meter (10 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable. With LMR-200 equivalent shielding, it is perfect when you need just a little bit of extension.

Our second new addition is our 9m (30 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable, also with LMR-200 equivalent shielding. We do currently carry a 10m LMR-400 shielded cable, and definitely recommend that thicker shielding for lower gain antennas. Our 9m LMR-200 option is a great value for very high gain antennas. We also carry a 5m LMR-200 cable.

Remember, as the length of the cable gets longer, the actual signal gain from the antenna decreases. Our low loss shielded cables limit loss, but we always recommend getting as close as possible to the length you need to further minimize gain loss. If the distance you need is 11 feet, move your computer a foot if you can and go with our 3m (10 foot option) instead of a 5m or 9m option.

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