Alfa WiFi Camp Pro - long range Wi-Fi repeater kit for camping - now in stock

February 18, 2016

Summer time is just around the corner. One must-have tool for travel this year is Alfa Network's new Wi-Fi Camp Pro kit. This contains an Alfa R36 USB router/repeater, an Alfa Tube-U(N) long range Wi-Fi receiver, and a fiberglass encased 9 dBi outdoor antenna (Alfa model AOA-2409TF).

When used together, the parts in this easy-to-setup kit allow you to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from a distant location, and share it as a Wi-Fi hotspot in your RV or cabin to which multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect.

Here's an example:

You've been to several campgrounds in your new RV. Sometimes you are parked near the main office and Wi-Fi reception is fine. But at this new place you are parked down toward the river, quite a way from where the Wi-Fi signal is originating, with several other RVs and trees in the way. You get OK reception on your Android tablet when you stand right outside the RV but when you walk back inside it drops to 1 bar. With WiFi Camp Pro you set up the Tube-U(N) adapter and antenna on the outside of the RV and run the 16-foot cable back inside to the R36 router. After a few minutes to configure the R36 via its Easy Setup Wizard, you are pulling in the park Wi-Fi and sharing it throughout your RV as your own personal hotspot. Now your kids can get online with their computers and your spouse can do the same. You even give your lot neighbor the password so he can use it, after he agrees to clean out your waste tank of course.

But WiFi Camp Pro is not only for camping. It can be used at any location where you are trying to extend a distant Wi-Fi signal. Get yours today. It would make a great gift for the outdoor gear person in your life as well.



Martin said:

Hello, I would like to ask if Alfa Networks Camp-Pro WIFI will works with Table Samsung (Android). Thank you. Martin

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