Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 firmware version 1.20 fixes Captive Portal issues

September 02, 2019

If you are at a camp ground where the network does not have a password when you connect to it, but instead are redirected in your browser to a sign in page with a password box and/or license terms to accept, this is called a captive portal network. In many cases once you have setup the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 at this location, your web browser will redirect you automatically to the captive portal sign in page.

However this does not happen always, as captive portal security systems are not standard, and therefore not all of them work correctly through the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2.

This summer Alfa and Rokland joined forces and drove around to various captive portal sites to find instances where the redirect was not happening. Based on our findings, Alfa has released firmware update 1.20 which resolved the issue on all captive portal networks where we encountered issues.

Click here to read the firmware update instructions for 1.20.

Click here to download the 1.20 firmware.


Margie L Durrett

Margie L Durrett said:

Is this something I need to do before I install the camp pro in my RV. I’m lost . Lol can I set everything up in one location and then install it in my RV?

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