ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 vs. ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2: Which Should You Get?

July 22, 2020

This summer we launched the third generation of our ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 series, called ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2.

Now we are launching the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2, our first 4G cellular data booster. What is the difference and which should you get?

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2 is designed specifically to boost "WiFi" networks and share (or "repeat") as your own private WiFi hotspot.

The ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 is designed to boost reception from your cellular provider's nearest tower, and share (or "repeat") as your own private WiFi hotspot.

Both the WiFi and 4G versions of the Camp Pro share a private WiFi hotspot to which WiFi enabled devices inside your RV can connect, the difference is where they source the signal. The WiFi version takes it from another nearby WiFi network, while the 4G version takes it from your carrier's cell tower.

WiFi networks are short range signals coming from a source. You have WiFi in your home, and you may be staying at a campground that offers free WiFi. You may also find WiFi signals at a Starbucks or a McDonald's.

With a WiFi connection, there is no monthly fee, but you must be within range of a WiFi hotspot to which you have authorization to use. WiFi won't work just anywhere. Though it varies by environment, typically you must be within 500-1000 feet of a WiFi hotspot to which you have access.

4G cellular data comes from a provider tower such as T-Mobile or Verizon. You pay by the month and may have data limits, such as 5 GB or 10 GB.

Some carriers offer unlimited data. With 4G, you can be much further from a cellular tower, even miles away. But when you are out in remote areas, your phone may not get enough signal to a nearby tower to get data.

ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2 is a great solution for boosting weak WiFi signals at a campground that offers free WiFi. 

ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 is for those trying to boost 4G data reception from their carrier such as T-Mobile or Verizon. To use ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2, you must have a data plan with one of these carriers and a SIM card you can put inside the ALFA kit. You can use the SIM already in your phone but then calls will not work, so you may want to get a separate line just for data to use in the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2. 

To order the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2 click here


Or to order the ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+ click here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does ALFA make one kit that can do both WiFi and 4G boosting?

Not at this time. Currently you must choose one or the other, or you can have both. But each one is specific to either WiFi or 4G.

2. Does the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 boost cellular call reception or help me send text messages when my cellular service is too weak otherwise?

No, the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 just boosts the cellular data reception. It cannot boost the quality of calls or SMS text. 

3. How do I get service for the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2?

To get service for ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2, you can use a SIM already activated inside your phone for Verizon, or T-Mobile. You can also use AT&T postpaid, but AT&T prepaid SIMs are not compatible. If you take the SIM from your phone, your phone will no longer receive calls when the SIM is in your ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2. Therefore we recommend getting a new dedicated line of service from a provider and activating a new SIM to put in your ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2.


Jim Bannon

Jim Bannon said:

It would have been helpful to have included a HOTLINK to allow purchasing the 4G unit (and the WiFi unit) to be able to check prices and potentially ORDER one or both. said:

Hi Jim,

That’s a great idea! We have updated the page to include visible direct links to the products. We did not include prices because they are subject to change based on availability of raw materials, but the product pages will be accurate. Thank you!

John with Rokland Technologies

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