Apple Mac OS 11: Big Sur Compatibility News for ALFA AWUS036ACH and other products

November 12, 2020

(EDIT March 24, 2021, we have a NEW UPDATE about Big Sur. Click Here to read this information that is newer than what is posted below).

If you already own an ALFA 802.11ac USB WiFi booster and have followed our steps to get it to work on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, you may be wondering if you upgrade to Big Sur (released by Apple today, November 12th), if your product will still work after the update. Operating system upgrades can often times break hardware.

The good news is we have tested it today and can confirm with the 11.0.1 release the ALFA AWUS036AC and AWUS036ACH still work well.

We have not yet confirmed if you can do a new install the same way you can on Catalina. So if you do not yet own an ALFA AWUS036ACH and are looking to get one and install it on Big Sur, we have not yet confirmed the installer will work. We should have an update on that in the next few days and will post to our blog.



Fil said:


I have a fresh install of Mac OS BIG SURE, however AWUS036AC is not running at all.

Latest available software on have been developed for Mac OS 10.15 :(

Don’t hesitate to add further comments on how you did to install/re-install AWUS036AC driver.



Gary said:

I just bought an Alfa AWUS1900 USB adapter. It keeps showing that The Installation Fail when installing the driver to my Macbook Pro with the macOS Big Sur 11.0.1.

Can you give me advice how to install the driver please?
Thank you


Raphael said:

Same issue here. Alfa AWUS1900 not working with Macbook Pro ( macOS Big Sur 11.0.1)

Rokland LLC

Rokland LLC said:

The AWUS1900 & AWUS0336AC* series are not currently compatible with Big Sur new installations. We do not have an ETA on if/when a new installer will be released for Big Sur.


ets said:

just updated from catalina, realtek tool does not find the adapter (alfa awus036ACH). tried to renstall the pkg of catalina: failed the installation. please help me i’m without wifi connection :(


Dre said:

I have an ALFA AWUS036ACH but the recommended driver fails while installing and does not work on macOS Big Sur.


Davide said:

the same issue, it doesn’t work on big sur,
please provide a new update


Glen said:

Ok, then what is the timeline on Big Sur compatibility? Right now your products are bricks for new installations of macs.


Jurgen said:

So is there any view on when these drivers will be available?

Kris Meert

Kris Meert said:


I have MacOS 11.1 running but I cannot get the AWUS036ACH to run. When will you have a driver available?


Karmen said:

Any news for the AWUS036ACH or AWUS1900 for MacOS Big Sur? What’s about the ALFA team? I did not contacted them, but they should have a solution.


JC said:

Jan 23, 2021 wireless adaptor AWUS036ACH the problem is still compatibility. it does not work with big sur


Derek said:

yeah…. this sucks. please fix this guys. just adding another comment to the list so they can see how many people are not happy about this…..anyone that may have a fix please let us know!


Steven said:

Is there a driver anywhere for the AWUS036AC for big sur anywhere. Shouldnt be that difficult.


Joe said:

AWUS036ACH doesn’t work with BigSur, we are waiting for the updated driver…


Jurgen said:

So, March 8, and still no update. You guys told me earlier that by now there should be a driver available for OSX Big Sur?… said:

Hi Jurgen,

Unfortunately this is outside of our control. We will announce as soon as the Big Sur driver is available.

Maria Soyoso

Maria Soyoso said:

Bought mine last year and suddenly stopped around December 2020. I am currently running Big Sur on Mac and my other computer is running Ubunto 20 – both machine does not recognize the USB.

Please let us know when the driver is available soon.


Rokland said:

Here is a workaround option for Big Sur. Please read the full article and understand that this driver workaround was not test by ALFA. said:

it’s sad to see people not even reading the article properly because it works very well
The link is in the first line of the article


to: said:

This update is not official, and you need to disable some MAC safety functions.

Aliaksei Krylou

Aliaksei Krylou said:

Looking for Big Sur support for AWUS036ACH . Currently there is just 10.14 MacOs drivers available.

@Rokland – that is not for Realtek chipset. Any updates about mediatek?

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