August Updates: ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3, Helium Antenna backorders, and our giveaway...

August 28, 2021

The great Adam Duritz said it's been a long December, well it's been a long summer, and there's reason to believe, that this fall is going to be better than the last! We have a lot going on here at Rokland Technologies and it's past time for some updates...

If you have been waiting on the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 launch, we appreciate your patience. This is one of the most exciting products we have ever seen, but haven't been able to get it to market due to a global chipset and raw materials shortage. I know you've all been asking when it's coming since 2020, and we've been answering ad nauseam "soon, soon, next month maybe, soon" for a long time. But, to borrow from Duritz again, there's reason to believe...that we will be seeing it this fall. Perfect time for you snowbirds hitting the road...

Sticking with the theme, Tom Petty told us the wait is the hardest part, and we've all done some waiting this summer for Helium compatible antennas. In fact, we've seen record demand and record high reviews for our new line of 915 MHz and accessories for Helium miners, and we've had trouble keeping them in stock due to the same global supply issue mentioned above for the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro.

We are not quite out of the woods- we have more stock on hand, and more coming, but we are forecast to run out again in September and probably hit backorder again for a few weeks. It's not because we don't know there's demand, it's just because supply of materials is short worldwide, and there's a global logistics crisis stemming from port closures thanks to COVID and some other factors (Ever Given having been stuck in the Suez canal is still having ripple effects).

But we are moving forward, onward and upward and all that, with a new warehouse to expand our storage capabilities so that we can take on more inventory when we can get more inventory. Helium users have been loving the value provided by our RFC-400 coaxial cables, and coax takes up a lot of space! But we have you covered.

If you have a backorder with us on the day of this post, it is moving forward this coming Monday. We thank you all for your incredible patience, and - oh yeah!
OUR SYNCROB.IT MINER GIVEAWAY ends Tuesday August 31st, 2021. We've talked about it on YouTube all summer- entering is easy as subscribing to our channel at Full rules @




I would like to order a Alfa wifi Camp pro 3. How do I go about it? It would have to be shipped before June 2022. said:

Hi Gerald,

We should have the Camp Pro 3 released within one month. Please make sure you are signed up at this list to be notified of release:

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