Camp Pro 3 Hardware and Software Installation Video Guides are now live!

May 04, 2022

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 is the latest in the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro series.

It features dual band technology capable of connecting to both 2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi networks. 

It connects to a weak WiFi signal, boosts it, and shares it as your own private WiFi signal inside your RV or cabin. Perfect for campgrounds that offer free WiFi.

See the guides below (starting with the hardware setup then choosing the second video based on your setup device)


iPhone Software Setup:

Android Software Setup:

Windows 10 Software Setup: 



Jeff Rank

Jeff Rank said:

I live in a RV park during the summer. They offer free Wi-Fi. Outside speed is around 12. Inside the Rv I get maybe 1. Will your device help me improve my strength of signal. Also, I get around 6 codes to use for each device I have. I have used 5. So I need to enter the code right after connecting to their signal. If it does work, will I have to program it to the tower with a code? Also, if it works, will I be able to connect my individual devices to it? said:

Hi Jeff,

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 would work to increase the WiFi signal within the walls of your RV. It would be impossible to give the exact performance, you would have to test once the system is set up. I am not sure if you would need to program to the tower with a code or not. Once setup you will be able to connect all your individual devices to the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3.

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