Directional antenna choices for Alfa WiFi Camp Pro kit

June 14, 2017

Alfa’s WiFi Camp Pro kit has taken over as our number one selling Alfa Network product this summer. People often ask us about directional antenna options for this kit. It comes with an omni directional antenna, and many of our buyers also want to get a directional antenna for those times when they need an extra boost (click here to read about directional vs. omni directional antennas).

Our 10 dBi directional panel antenna is one excellent option. It’s light weight and low profile make it a great choice for use with the Camp Pro kit. It’s antenna connector is located on the bottom side of the antenna (instead of the rear side like most panel antennas) meaning you can easily connect it directly to the Tube receiver of the Camp Pro kit without needing any type of L-connector to change orientation.

Another great choice is our 16 dBi Yagi antenna. This will get you the most distance in any direction and is also the most bang for your buck in terms of gain. It has an RP-SMA connector, so you will need this barrel converter here in order to connect it to the Camp Pro Tube.


Paul Lenser

Paul Lenser said:

I have the camp pro kit with the tube ant. working. I would like to use the Yagi ant. what additional equip. do I need?

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