Heading away from the free shipping model...

August 21, 2023

For as far back as any of us can remember, everything sitewide has shipped free on Rokland.com, regardless of price. We've always liked this simplicity.

As our inventory grows to include many low cost parts, at a time when shipping carriers are excessively increasing shipping costs for light weight items, we have determined our free shipping model is negatively impacting many.

We all know shipping is never really free. It gets included in item prices. An item that used to be $9.97 with actual shipping expense of $5 is listed as $14.97 with free shipping. Where this impacts the consumer is when they need 10 of a certain part. Instead of paying $99.70 plus actual shipping in the prior example, they are charged $149.70. 

We have explored quantity discount options, but they are difficult to properly integrate into various channels including Google Ads. So buyers would see higher prices on ads than would actually appear during checkout, decreasing conversions and sending customers on a hunt for the products they need.

What are we changing?

In September we will be initating a free shipping minimum. Orders above this amount will have a free shipping option, while orders below will see actual shipping charges at checkout. We will be reducing per unit prices of many items to no longer include an adjustment for shipping costs. So if you need just one, the total price will stay the same as now. But if you need a quantitiy, you will save money. 

Stay tuned and contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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