How to get the MAC address/MAC ID for your RAK 2 Helium Miner

August 12, 2021

We recently had an associate with the infamous "relayed" error on his new RAK 2 Helium Hotspot. There are plenty of videos and online resources showing how to fix this by enabling port forwarding for port 44158. In fact, our associate had much experience fixing relaying issues as he is part of the iHub network and had done many installs.

This situation however involved an older WiFi router that did not list connected devices anywhere in the router UI. In order to create a static IP address for his RAK 2 miner so that he could forward the port for that IP address, his router required he enter the MAC address, aka MAC ID, for his miner. For Bobcat and Nebra, this data is present in accompanying documentation and on the miner itself respectively. Not so for the RAK.

Fortunately, getting the MAC ID was as simple as pairing to the miner in the Helium app and going to Diagnostics. If your miner is connected via Ethernet cable, record the Ethernet MAC. If connected via WiFi, record the Wi-Fi MAC. A best practice would be to create static IPs in your router for both MAC addresses, in case you ever change how your miner connects to your router in the future.

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