Maximize your Mining & earn money from Rokland with our Helium Affiliate Program

May 15, 2021

You know Rokland is one of the leading sources for both indoor and outdoor high quality Helium Hotspots compatible mining antennas, as well as low-loss shielded coaxial extension cables. These products help you extend the range of your RAK, Nebra, or Bobcat miner, and continue to boost your Helium (HNT) earnings.

Telling others about Rokland antennas can help you earn even more HNT. First, when miners near you use our antennas to reach further, the more likely you are to connect with their hotspots, thus improving your HNT rewards.

And now you can also earn 10% back on any referral order. That's right- if you were already going to recommend Rokland antennas to others on forums or elsewhere, you might as well earn commission. For a limited time, Rokland is offering 10% affiliate commission on all Helium related antennas and coaxial cables. Refer one sale that grosses $100? That's $10 in your pocket. Refer 500 sales? Well, that is a nice payday.

A couple of fine print things though:

  • We are looking for users of our Helium products or people familiar with them to be affiliates. Because your referrals are considered endorsements, we want them to be true to word. That means no aggregate web sites just listing all sorts of referral-based product links. 

  • Also, no coupon sites please. That's about it. Maximize your mining with Rokland Mining Antennas and maximize your commission with our Helium Affiliate Program. Sign up now. Upon approval you receive a special unique referral URL used to earn commission on your links. 



Cory said:

Hello, do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
(714)8035447 said:

Hi Cory,

Please send us your inquiry to



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