New Driver for Alfa AWUS1900 802.11ac USB adapter (also for AWUS036AC and AWUS036ACH)

April 10, 2018

In December 2017, Realtek released driver version 1030.25.701.2017 for Alfa AWUS1900 for Windows 10. It was released in a Windows Update package so many of you may already be on this new driver if you have run Windows Update recently.

If you have not, then you can now download it here. Once downloaded, open it and run the Setup.exe program inside.

Upon completion, you can check your Device Manager properties for this device (go to Device Manager > Network Adapters > right click this adapter and select Properties, then go to Driver tab) and make sure the driver date now shows 12/25/2017.

Adapters compatible with above driver update:

Alfa AWUS1900
Alfa AWUS036AC



George said:


First of all thank you for the driver link, got a question regarding the AWUS1900.

It comes with 4 dual band 5dbi antennas, if i want to upgrade them for testing do i have to change all 4 antennas?

Also is it possible to have 4 different dbi antennas for example 2,5,7 and 9 dbi antennas?


Rokland LLC Staff

Rokland LLC Staff said:

Hi Geo,

You do not have to upgrade all four. Each one is a separate transmit/receive stream. If you change one, you are affecting only that send/receive stream. Same goes with gain- you can put any gain you want on each and it affects just that stream.

Pablo Stepa

Pablo Stepa said:

Hello, do you know the power of this device? may be 2000 mwatts?
Thanks in advance


Mike said:

The link is broken.

Rokland LLC

Rokland LLC said:

Thank you Mike, we have fixed the link.

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