New Product: RAK WisNode TrackIt Location Tracker using GPS & LoRaWAN

July 26, 2022

New this month to our collection of RAK products is the new RAK WisNode series TrackIt 2-pack. These devices allow you to track devices, people, pets, and more using GPS and LoRaWAN networks like Helium.

While smaller bluetooth and device based trackers like Apple Airtags have been around for some time, the RAK WisNode tracker has greater reach due to it's LoRaWAN compatibility.

Device-specific trackers like Airtags need to be around bluetooth devices or other iPhones to be effective. They work well in populated areas, but the RAK WisNode TrackIt takes advantage of global LoRaWAN networks like Helium to work far off the beaten path. When hiking with no phones around, for example, the WisNode tracker can interact with off-grid IoT devices like outdoor Helium hotspots. 

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