Stay on top of Helium Network & Miner Specific Issues with our New Alert System

October 01, 2021

Is Helium down? Did your witnesses suddenly drop to zero? You still have witnesses but no HNT? Who do you need, who do you love, when your miner's come undone?

Visit our new Helium Network and Miner Status page for the latest on issues with the Helium network or specific brand miners.

You can always visit for the latest on Helium network issues and the blockchain. However some problems can be specific to certain miners or may be regional and not reported directly on the Helium status page.

With tens of thousands of Rokland antennas deployed across the country, our phone and chat support staff are in a unique position to gather information on common issues Helium users are experiencing, and we have decided to track known issues on our new Helium Network and Miner Status page. We are also adding a pop-up alert to our home page to give notice on site entry of any known problems. The popup will appear only during periods of known issues.

Check this page any time for the latest reports. Older reports will be archived on this page for a while as well. Experiencing any problems with your miner or new antenna setup? Reach out via our support page and let us know. The more information we have from users, the better we can track it.


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