The easy way to install Kali 2021 on VMware so you can install AWUS036ACH on Kali

April 20, 2021

As the leading authorized ALFA Network distributor and brand partner, we know many of our customers are using their products in Kali Linux. But sometimes getting Kali up and running is easier than it sounds, especially when trying to install on a virtual machine. Add ALFA driver installation and USB port configuration on top and you may find yourself scouring YouTube for help.

Perfect timing! Our newest Rokland Super Tech Channel video shows you an easy way to get Kali 2021 up and running on VMware, using Kali’s official VMware image file. We also show you how to install ALFA Network’s AWUS036ACH Realtek RTL8812AU based long range WiFi USB adapter, and how to make sure it is connected to your virtual machine (hint: just connecting it to the host machine’s USB port is NOT enough!)

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