Using Alfa AWUS036NHA on Microsoft Windows 10

April 24, 2018

Alfa has not released a driver package for Alfa AWUS036NHA (Atheros AR9271 chipset) beyond Windows 7.

However it has come to our attention that AWUS036NHA can be stable on Windows 8 and 10 using this third party driver. This driver was made for a different brand product which uses the same AR9271 chipset. Note that after installing, the device will appear in Device Manager as "TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter" instead of Atheros or Alfa. This is because TP-Link is associated with Microsoft as the Device Developer ID.

We have tested the driver extensively and it appears to work with the Alfa AWUS036NHA well. However it should be considered a beta driver until further notice.



scribe said:

This actually worked !

Win 10 user here…


wow2018 said:

DEC 2018 here, taking time to comment as this is the ONLY solution I tried after hours that actually works. Virus scan only showed 1 false positive.

Steve H.

Steve H. said:

This driver does ***NOT*** work on Windows 10 1607. I ran the exe and the adapter doesnt show up in the list. Only my internal WLAN adapter is shown.


Don said:

I had to run it in compatibility mode, fyi


Neto said:

It works!!!


Cae said:

It seems Microsoft or somebody included a driver if you install windows 10 Oct 1803 update… my alfa NHA was detected no problem after fresh install…. plug and play… I have screenshots if needed


Jesus said:

Thank you very much, with this driver the Alfa AWUS036NHA finally works on Windows 10


t0p said:

Works fine. I’ve tried loads of “solutions” and this is the ONLY one that actually works. Thanks!


Mike said:

I downloaded drivers from their official website for windows 10 and it is not working, Showing me code 10 error for the device in device manager,.

on their official website, it is saying that drivers are compatible for windows 10


user said:

trying in now. will update


Thomas said:

September 2019 – I too can confirm this works on Win10 :)


Jeff said:

I had the hardest time getting my Alfa AWUS036NHA to work on Windows 10. It said everything was working fine, but it wasn’t. Almost gave up until I ran across this solution and it worked perfectly. Easy to set up as I am not a computer geek. Download and run it and it basically does the rest. Didn’t have to uninstall any other driver or anything like that. I did disable the stock wireless adapter in my computer though. Did this to two different computers and it worked perfectly for both.

Michael Moody

Michael Moody said:

This driver does not work for Windows 10 1904.

beginner user

beginner user said:

ok january 28 2020 i’m here to say that IT WORK for the AWUS036NHA
i’m able to see and connect to my wifi

cool !

Jonas Gamez

Jonas Gamez said:

april 5 2020 this driver did actually work on a new win 10 comp. Thanks for the work to figure this out!!!


z3v3l said:

Windows 10 ver 1909 – plug n play


Jake said:

Thank you so much for posting this. I was screwing around with installing this driver for over an hour, and coming to the conclusion that I’m too dumb for anything but whatever network adapter the manufacturer decides I should have, when this finally worked.


Mack said:

Yo this saved the day thanks works just fine now!


L0k3 said:

Worked instantly. Took literally 30 seconds after hours of trying other stuff.


Juan said:

You save me men. Thanks. Working in W10Pro.2004

Alex G

Alex G said:

Thanks for this. Have been fighting with the install for a few days now and this looks to have done the trick. Fantastic!!


Tony said:

January of 2021 and this is still working on Win10 pro v2004.

didem  yeğen

didem yeğen said:

Dude u are the greatest person on earth!

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