Video: setting up Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 with encryption vs. captive portal security

January 27, 2020

We have a new video up on YouTube discussing the difference between standard encryption security and captive portal security, and showing how to set up the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2/Mini with both of these network types.

Encryption is the more common of the two- it is the type of security used with your home WiFi network where you put in a password (aka encryption key) at the time of connection and then can go online. Captive portal security is becoming more common though with public WiFi networks and campgrounds. This is where the network appears as open, but after you connect you are redirected to some type of portal page where you either sign in and/or accept license terms, etc., before you can go online.

Because captive portal networks are not standard (meaning different systems are setup to use different ports and commands, and follow different protocols), the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 will usually redirect you to the captive portal signin page after setup, but that may not always happen. Our video shows you what should normally happen, and what to do in case you finish setting up the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 on a captive portal network and do not get to the sign in page.

For more advice and workarounds with the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2, visit our Knowledge Base.

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