Announcing the launch of the Rokland Super Tech Channel: our newest YouTube Venture

Announcing the launch of the Rokland Super Tech Channel: our newest YouTube Venture

March 10, 2021

We've had our main YouTube channel since 2009. We grew immensely during this time to offer all sorts of technology products, from camping and boating WiFi boosters, to WiFi USB adapters designed for Linux and packet injection.

Our videos range from on-location setup videos for our camping and boating products, to walkthroughs and feature demonstrations, all the way to Linux terminal command line installation videos for ethical hackers. To make sure our viewers receive the most relevant and interesting videos, we have decided to create a second channel called the Rokland Super Tech Channel, focusing on tech-centric video topics, primarily those related to Kali Linux driver installs, ethical hacking exercises, and other videos more technical in nature.

Our main Rokland Technologies channel continues to provide videos for our latest ALFA Network WiFi products, product demonstrations and discussions, as well as product speed and range tests. 

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What's first up on our newest channel? A three-part Ethical Hacking series. In part one we discuss what ethical hacking is, who does it, and what tools are required. In part two we dig into the top five ALFA Network adapters on the market for use in ethical hacking. In part three we explain what a deauth attack is and show you how to do one on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks using the ALFA AWUS036ACH

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As always, we thank you for stopping by and look forward to seeing you on both our YouTube channels as we bring you fresh content for all your WiFi needs. 


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