ALFA 7 dBi gain RP-SMA directional panel antenna APA-M04 for client, router, or drone


ALFA APA-M04 is a 7 dBi gain directional panel antenna with an RP-SMA antenna connector. This can connect to many ALFA Network brand wireless USB adapters and various drones. This will also work with other brand Wi-Fi adapters and routers/APs that have an RP-SMA port. This is rated for light duty indoor use. It can be used outdoors out of direct sunlight, but is not rated for long term outdoor use and long term exposure to elements. The side with the ALFA logo is the intended side to be pointed towards the source signal.


Frequency 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
VSWR ≦2.0
Gain 7
Polarization Linear, Vertical
Impedance 50 Ω
Connector PR-SMA PLUG
Operation Temp -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Humidity 95 %@ 25 ℃
Dimension 61x 173x 145 mm
Weight 45.4 g

Radiation Pattern

radiation patternradiation pattern

Directional vs. Omni-directional antennas

This 7 dBi gain panel antenna is directional. Antennas that come with Wi-Fi adapters are often omni-directional. Omni-directional antennas can detect signals from multiple directions and work best when you are mobile and do not know where signals are originating. Directional antennas concentrate gain in a particular direction. While the antenna does not need to be in a perfect line of sight, it needs to be pointed in the general direction. Because directional antennas work best in the direction they are pointed, in many cases you will detect more signals overall with your omni-directional antenna, but find that your directional antenna may get stronger signal strength to signals it is aimed toward.

Additional Features:
- Engineer-tested compared to other directionals on the market to ensure excellent performance
- ALFA-branded, the trusted name in wireless networking
- Complies with 802.11g standard for 2.4Ghz Wireless LAN
- Contains RP-SMA antenna connector
- Works with all 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices that have an RP-SMA connector, not just ALFA brand ones

Warranty & Support:
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Customer Reviews

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Rick Bartlemus
It works

It wasn't made clear it was only the antenna. Otherwise I would have bought the upgraded model..


It works great for getting WiFi at my gate. Far better than an omni-directional antenna.
However, I just learned (from the Alpa website) that this is an indoor antenna. Where my application is outside. I wish the Rockland website had stated this.

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