Waterproof tape and wire tie replacement pack for ALFA Camp Pro Kit/Tube


This is a special kit containing 3 packs of waterproof tape and 2 wire tie replacements as pictured, for use with the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro Kit and the ALFA Camp Pro 2. These can also be used with the ALFA Tube-U(N), Tube 2H, and Tube 2HP.

The waterproof tape packs specifically can be used to seal off antenna and connector area of any product that will be placed outdoors. Use of waterproof tape is highly recommended to prevent moisture from entering your outdoor Wi-Fi radio or receiver over time. Even when not exposed to rain, humidity can enter and build up inside an unsealed device.

If you need to remove an antenna already sealed, it is a good idea to apply new tape when reconnecting the antenna to your device.

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