ALFA Network ARS-9096RP 5 dBi antenna with 90° elbow for Helium Hotspot Miner RAK Bobcat SenseCAP M1

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ALFA Network ARS-9096RP in an indoor omni-directional 915 MHz dipole antenna with 5 dBi gain. The antenna is 17 inches tall and has a 90 degree elbow. Suitable applications are use with Helium miners and other IoT hardware. This antenna can be paired with this compatible magnet base

This antenna is compatible with the RAK V2, Bobcat 300, Nebra Indoor, SenseCAP M1, Kerlink, Linxdot,, Helium Hotspot, Kerlink, FreedomFi & LongAP. (915 MHz USA and Australia versions only).

Beware cautious of gain inflation- some places arbitrarily inflate antenna gain numbers to appear better than competing products. Because gain cannot be easily measured by the end-users, we have seen similar antennas marketed as numbers like 18 dBi to 30 dBi that are not even 20 inches tall. Why buy a 5 dBi when you can get a similar looking "18 dBi" for the same price, right? Rokland has been making antennas for over 14 years for WiFi, 4G, and other applications. Our 915 MHz antenna are listed with actual specifications. You also do not want extremely high gain as your path will be very narrow and miss other hotspots.

I see similar looking antennas online that say for 600 MHz to 2700 MHz, is a wider frequency spectrum better? 
Antennas with a focused spectrum will have better performance on that band segment vs antennas with very wide spectrum. We would not recommend using antennas that are also WiFi 2.4 GHz compatible with your mining equipment. This antenna has a frequency range of just 900-930 MHz to give you maximum performance.


Part/Model #: ARS-9096RP
Country of OriginTaiwan
Manufacturer : 
Alfa Network Inc.

Frequency range: 900-960 MHz
Gain: 5dBi
VSWR: ≤ 2.0:1
Polarization: Vertical;
Directivity: Omni-Directional;
Material: ABS, Copper
Antenna connector: RP-SMA male; Impedance: 50 ohm
Antenna diameter: 0.51 inches
Height: 17 inches
Temperature: ‐ 40 ℃ to +70 ℃

Recommended Use
We recommend placing this inside near a window, or in a more optimal place for sending and receiving than where your miner currently is.

Compatible with:

Bobcat 300
Nebra Indoor/Outdoor
SenseCAP M1
Helium Hotspot


Warranty & Support:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daven H Brown

I thought that with a higher dbi and my semi flat area it would increase earnings with increased witnesses but it has significantly slowed my earnings and how many people I witness.

James Gavin
Ars 9096RP 5 dbi 90% elbow antenna

Notible improvement over stock antenna.

Ray Sabo

I only had 1 witness in a week. Then I bought your 5.8 last week and now I have 10 witnesses

Jose Molina Paez
ALFA Network ARS-9096RP 5 dBi

not good at all, no gains

Gain refers to the dBi level of the antenna, it does not mean you will gain a specific amount of witnesses. Depending on your environment, a higher gain antenna could see a similar number of Helium witnesses as a lower, especially indoors. For assistance with your specific miner, please contact our support staff.

Solid indoor antenna

Got witness 10k away.