ALFA Wi-Fi Camp Pro 3 (& Mini) Firmware & Support Page

Announcement: with the launch of firmware version 1.13 in the summer of 2023, the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 now comes with a pre-set password. Prior to this release, users were prompted to create a password and had to go through an extra restart process. When picking out your setup video below, make sure to choose the 1.13 videos, or the videos for firmware before 1.13

Hardware Setup Video (for all firmware versions):  

iPhone Software Setup Video (firmware version 1.11 and before):  

Android Software Setup Video (firmware version 1.11 and before):    

Windows 10 Software Setup Video (firmware version 1.11 and before):  


Setup Guide:

Setup guide PDF


How to update firmware (guide)


Cannot get 192.168.X.X to open in browser
Reset ALFA R36A router
The setup area won't load on iPad, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy

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