New User Guide - RAK Wireless WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit

So you just received your WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit in the mail and are eager to get started, but how do you get started? How do you connect the devices together?  What pieces are which? What connects where? Do I need to upgrade the firmware? This guide should help answer all those questions and more.

What are the main components of a WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit?

Common Name Photo Example
Base Board (Gen 1 or Gen 2)  RAK5005-O & RAK19007 Comparison
Core (RAK4631)
LoRa PCB Antenna
BLE PCB Antenna


The RAK Wireless WisBlock Meshtastic Starter kit comes pre-flashed with Meshtastic firmware. After connecting and configuring the device you can determine what firmware is on the device and decide if you wish to upgrade.

Connecting and Configuring (Android/iPhone):

There are many methods for connecting to and configuring your WisBlock on Meshtastic. For new users we suggest using a modern Android or iPhone smartphone. Otherwise more methods can be found on the Meshtastic Initial Configuration Page

Step 1: Download the Meshtastic App.


Google Play Store

Alternative Installations

App Store


Step 2: Open the Meshtastic App and pair with your starter kit. *Warning - Make sure not to power the radio on without first attaching the LoRa & BLE antennas! You could damage the radio chip!*

Antenna attaching gif

Default Bluetooth Pin: 123456 
For issues pairing refer to the article HERE.


 Android Meshtastic BLE pairing

iPhone Meshtastic BLE pairing