3 ft. Antenna extension coaxial cable RP-SMA male to N-male RFC-400 low loss


RP-SMA male to N male extension cable, 3-foot length, RFC-400 low loss shielding.

RP-SMA male connector on one end and a standard N male connector on the other end. We recommend this extension cable compared to some others online because this has a special RFC-400 low-loss cable. As the cable in between the antenna and adapter gets longer, you will experience cable loss, which is a drop in the signal gain of the antenna. Compared to standard RG-58 coax, RFC-400 shielded cables have less gain loss. 

Made in USA. This cable is American made and manufactured for superior performance and quality control.

We do recommend RokTape to seal all outdoor connection points. 

Compare gain loss of this cable:
915 MHz application: -0.117 dB (Helium mining/LoRa device)
WiFi 2.4 GHz application: -0.199 dB (standard home WiFi networking)
WiFi 5 GHz application: -0.301 dB (dual-band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi to 5 GHz networks)

Compare this to a cheaper RG-58 shielded cable of the same length- the gain-loss would be -0.3 dB for 915 MHz, -0.5 dB for 2.4 GHz WiFi, and a whopping -0.8 dBi for 5 GHz WiFi

That means standard RG-58 cables have over 3x times as much gain loss as this cable!

If you invested a lot in your antenna, it is worth the extra amount to get a low-loss cable to maximize your antenna performance. This goes double for Helium mining- a higher loss cable means you may be getting less reach with your miner, and therefore mining much less.

Additional Features:

- Length: 3 feet
- Impedance: 50 OHM
- Frequency: all bands from 0-6 GHz, including 868-915 MHz LoRa, 2400-2700 MHz WiFi/ 5100-5900 MHz WiFi
- Compatible with 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11b WiFi standards, as well as LoRa 915 MHz
- Compatible with many WiFi adapters & Helium miners with RP-SMA ports

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Harrison Ortega
Quality cable, but received wrong product

Ordered RP-SMA male to N-male, received RP-SMA male to N-female.

We apologize for this oversight. Our support staff has contacted you to resolve this issue.

Perfect length

3 ft. is the perfect length for my elevated outdoor enclosure setup.



Laurent Duchesne
Exactly as advertised,

Fully met my expectations.

Erik Landru

3 ft. Antenna extension coaxial cable RP-SMA male to N-male RFC-400 low loss