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75 ft. Antenna extension coaxial cable RP-SMA male (via pigtail) to N-male RFC-600 low loss


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We have this special low loss RFC-600 coaxial extension cable, The connectors on the cable are N-male and N-female, because RFC-600 is too thick to have an RP-SMA connector crimped to it. So we have paired with the included pigtail adapter to give you an RP-SMA male to N-male cable. This is perfect for connecting to any of our N Female antennas to your Bobcat, RAK, Nebra Indoor or miners. This cable is 75 feet in length and comes with special RFC-600 grade shielding to keep your dB loss as low as possible for your Helium mining setup. 

We recommend this extension cable compared to some others online because this has a special RFC-600 low-loss cable. What does this mean? The antenna to which you will connect this has a gain. Let's say for example you will be connecting this to a 9 dBi gain antenna. As the cable in between the antenna and adapter gets longer, you will experience cable loss, which is a drop in the signal gain of the antenna. With low-quality extension cables, the huge drop in gain will mean a much lesser range. Our special low-loss cable limits the cable loss factor. RFC-600 is recommended for a cable that is 75 ft. long. 

Compare gain loss (of cable only, not including pigtail adapter):

915 MHz application: -1.8 dB (Helium mining/LoRa device)
WiFi 2.4 GHz application: -3.2 dB (standard home WiFi networking)
WiFi 5 GHz application: -4.9 dB (dual-band 2.4/5Ghz WiFi to 5 Ghz networks)

Compare this to a cheaper RG-58 shielded cable of the same length- the gain-loss would be -10.3 dB for 915 MHz, -19.3 dB for 2.4 GHz WiFi, and a whopping -32.3 dB for 5 GHz WiFi

That means standard RG-58 cables have about 2x times as much gain loss as this cable!

Additional Features:

- Length: 75 feet
- Impedance: 50 OHM
- Frequency: all bands from 0-6 GHz, including 868-915 MHz LoRa, 2400-2700 MHz WiFi/ 5100 - 5900 MHz WiFi
- Compatible with 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11b WiFi standards, as well as LoRa 915 MHz
- Compatible with many WiFi adapters & Helium miners with RP-SMA ports

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