2000mW Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi USB Adapter & 14 dBi directional antenna RV/Marine

We are exicted to offer this high power (2000mW) long range all-in-one indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi USB receiver. Featuring a sensitive Ralink RT3070 chipset (same chip as the popular Rokland n3), an integrated 14 dBi directional antenna, and a built-in power-loss shielded 16-foot (5m) USB cable, this is your all-in-one solution to getting long range Wi-Fi reception at home or on the go.

How does it work?

After running the installation software from the included CD, plug the USB cable in to your computer, and aim the receiver in the direction of the network to which you wish to connect. Then scan for networks and pick out the desired network and connect to it. With it's built in 16 foot USB cable. itt is easy to put this device near a window or another place further away from your computer for optimal reception

Where does it work?

This can be used indoors near a window, or placed outdoors for optimal reception. It includes a detachable stand that also doubles as a wall mount.The back of the case has special water sealant for weather resistance. This requires you be in range of an accessible hotspot- either an open working one such as at an RV park, or one to which you know the password such as your home network. This is not a 3G/4G cellular device that can pick up Internet anywhere.

How far can it pick up?

Results may vary based on environment. Typically this can pick up from about 2-4 times the distance of stock Wi-Fi cards inside today's laptops, making ideal for picking up signals from detached buildings on a property, or access points on the other side of an RV park or campground.

I've seen similar-sized products online advertising 50 or even 80 dBi gain integrated antennas. Why is this 14 dBi?

Gain inflation is rampant online especially from products shipping direct from Hong Kong or China. Because there is no easy way to independently verify antenna gain, some sellers will inflate the gain number to make their product seem superior. At Rokland we advertise the true gain of the antenna. If you see a product with similar dimensions to ours,(4 inches by 8 inches not including stand), the gain is going to be similar. For larger items you may find a 16 or 18 dBi gain antenna, but numbers 24 dBi and above would generally require the antenna to be several feet wide or larger.

This is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS 10.5 through 10.9 using the included CD. It is not compatible with newer versions of Mac OS. For Linux, this is plug and play with some newer versions, but for other distros drivers may need to be downloaded and installed. At this time we  are not able to provide support for Linux.

Directional vs. Omni directional antennas: This product has an integrated directional antenna. Directional antennas concentrate gain in a particular direction which improves reception in that direction and also reduces noise (band interference) coming from other directions. Though reception will be better in that direction, the total number of networks will be lesser than when using an omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas work best when you are mobile and do not know where signals are originating. Directional antennas can be rotated to find the optimal placement.

Additional Features:

- Enterprise-class 64/128 WEP encryption, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, 802.1X support
- 150 mbps High-Speed Transfer Rate for 802.11n
- High powered adapter- 2000mw max output power
- USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant (forward compatible with USB 3)
- ONE YEAR manufacturer's warranty

Size and dimensions:

The unit itself without stand measures 4 inches wide and 8 inches tall. With stand  it measures 12.5 inches tall. The USB cable is 5m (~16 feet) long. The stand height is  4.5 inches tall.

State sales tax of 7% will be added to FLORIDA purchases only. There is no sales tax for any other state.

Return Policy: You may return any item, open or used, for an exchange or refund at your discretion within 30 days of receipt. Because range can vary greatly based on your environment, if you are not sure a particular product will meet your range needs please contact us before buying. Orders with free shipping selected will incur a 10% restocking fee to help us cover the original shipping cost, unless the item is defective or different from the advertisement. Any expedited shipping charges paid, including return shipping, are never refundable. If you opt for an exchange, we will pay to ship the replacement to you. Items must be returned the way they were received, with all pieces, documentation, and retail packaging (if applicable) included. For bulk purchases, see our bulk purchase return policy here.

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